The apex of our technical capabilities, is our EUI and Meui injector repair program. We have a talented and skilled team of technicians following strict repair procedures. All components are stripped, ultrasonically cleaned, inspected, measured and prepared for assembly and testing. Working components are always replaced with new components. If certain components aren’t replaceable, our engineering department will cut and grind to bring the injector back to specification. Our test equipment is state of the art OE and all injectors are tested to the manufacturer’s specification. We also carry an extensive range of exchange injectors.

We are South Africa’s main repairer of VW PDE unit injectors. Contrary to popular belief, these injectors are repairable. All specifications and tooling are original equipment and supplied to us by Bosch.


We are OE approved service agents for the world’s 5 main diesel injection manufacturers. We are fully equipped and factory trained to undertake repairs on all of the latest common rail fuel systems. We carry an extensive range of exachange pumps and injectors. Our turnaround time is generally 24 hours for a repair. We’re able to do warranty claims on behalf of all manufacturers we represent. All Bosch injectors are built to manufacturer’s specifications and tested on the Bosch 815 and 708 test benches. We are accredited Denso agents and have one of the latest Denso test benches set up and ready for testing. We also test and repair Toyota C/R injectors.